The other piece of art TJ got me... Isnt it beautiful??? I love angels!

The Art that TJ got me... cant wait to put this Up!!!

blowing out my candles-- thank goodness there are on 2!!

My Princess Birthday Cake!!

My yummy birthday breakfast and NO calories!!!

with the man who keeps me sane!

With my NIcky! :)

My daughter Summer and Son in law Joey :)

My special friend Lilia!!

My special friends Micheal and Shelby

My special friends Sandee and Gail!

My birthday banner Nicky made me!


here we go....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine…


The one that keeps me sane-- TJ

MY Valentine and I have known each other for many many years… since we were just kids really—he was 19 and I was almost 17 and since then I always knew I would never be without my Valentine. Yes sometimes we fuss and fight, disagree like a lot of people. We have good days and bad days. Sometimes when my Valentine speaks to me it sounds like another language. My Valentine is still learning the language of women, but after 30 years he is finally making progress!!! I am trying to learn HIS language as well and still  in the slow learner class on that one! Every year he does something special for the both of us for Valentines. This year we went away for a romantic getaway and even got a couples massage!! What I loved the most was the quiet time we had together and the conversation about goals, life etc… I really felt I got all his attention, which in  our busy lives doesn’t always happen sadly. Many times we are too busy, too tired or had too much of a bad or good day. We try to always kiss before going to work etc, before we go to bed, always saying those special words “I love you”.  I love Valentines day.. It reminds me to be more loving to those I care about and those I don’t even know. It helps me remember the golden rule and treat people a little bit better and have a teeny bit more patience with others. I think we need a reminder sometimes to be just a little kinder to each other especially when times are hard and we have a tendency to be a tad more competitive and step on toes in the workplace. My Valentine and I love the chocolates at this time of the year—both dark, white, and milk… all of it.. we pig out galore and think of the calories later… what if we all appreciated each other and our differences like we do this chocolate and worried about the consequences later??? I wonder what kind of world we would be living in?? Hmmm, Sounds Sweet to me!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

FEBRUARY… Month of Chinese New Year, Love and SUPERbowl????

I cannot believe this year is going so fast!!! Lets see… have I made my goals yet— Lets see what I have done for January--- I HAVE been trying to eat healthy and drink more water—and exercising more—more than none at all is still MORE!! I did manage to fit in a couple date nights with my hubby . I DID the STAIRS with the AMERICAN Heart association. I did NOT send the b-day card to my lil sis in Oklahoma—you will get it with the Valentines card I have. I have been working on my future goals and it looks to be pretty pretty busy! Yep, I have decided it is time to combine my past love of make up and skin  care with my current love of medicine soooo… seriously looking into --- Permanent make up, scar relaxation, paramedical skin care etc. I do hope by the end of the year to be working with a dermatologist/plastic surgeon or wound care place. I AM going to finish my BSN as well AND I am seriously looking into adding Rodan and Fields skin care into what I am currently doing—they are the doctors that invented “Proactive” and now have a wonderful anti aging product on the market. Yes, right now I am still home care nursing and love my patients and those I am working with. As for this month—I have all the above planned Plus—a 5k walk to raise money for house of hope—and they are having a shoe drive on FEB 19TH!!! I just gotta keep up my 3 miles!!  Jan was also a spiritual month for me, lots of soul searching and quiet and talking to GOD.. I know he has a plan for me for this year and I know it will be better than anything I could of cooked up! Oh speaking of cooking up—I DID cook this past month—I think I am going to like my new Crock Pot—if you KNOW me—You know I HATE to cook—well hate is a strong word—but I can do without it. Also, I only went to a fast food place TWICE in Jan!!!! Ok… as for the title—I LOVE Chinese New Year—BUT still didn’t get to see a dragon dance—well maybe someday—what a dream it would be to BE in CHINA during Chinese New Years!!! As for the year of the rabbit—I think it’s a good thing. On that Jan 3rd I went to a job fair at Fl Hosp AND wore red—the LUCKY color—nope no job in MOther- Baby, L&D or NICU—nada… nothing… nope.. goodbye… I am Not sure yet if that was lucky or not—at the time I didn’t think I was lucky and yet when I walked out I felt so free and happy, so maybe it wasn’t the right time??? Afterwards, I went to a Rodan and Fields presentation—very interesting and a free lunch anyway—hehe!!

As for the Month of LOVE… that’s why I LOVE Feb..Valentines! I want to express to all of you that even peek at my blog that I love you all, friends old and new.. my family and my husband—I don’t know where I would be today without all of you! As for Superbowl—I don’t understand what the heck does football have to do in the most romantic and loving month of the year!!! I mean seriously, couldn’t they have this in March—it makes no sense to me… someone explain this to me!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I forgot to mention—one more thing…

another BIG goal for this year—or lifetime…I really really want to go to Haiti or some other country and help people.. yep someday….

oh and zip lining…



MR and MRS Claus in Gatlinburg!!!

11 experiences I hope to have this year

As we know life is way to short to not experience it—this is a random list of things that came to my mind as fast as I can type of 11 things for 2011----

1. MY 50th birthday in NYC at the 9-11 site—my birthday IS 9-11… !!!!

2. TO  see the pyramids in egypt with my husband!!

3. To add another state to my goal of seeing all 50 states!!

4. to get this technology stuff down and feel confident with it!!! at least down load pics on facebook with no problems!

5. To shoot a REAL gun at a gun range!

6. to try a martial arts class

7. to take every class offered at my gym

8. to read the book of mormon cover to cover.

9. To go to the very place my mother went to school, and was raised etc with my sister.

10. to do make up or assist with the make up for halloween horror nights!

11. To get certified as a CPR instructor!!

and my most wildest dream is for someday on my sisters birthday to take her to scotland to see where our ancestors came from!!!  Ok maybe not ON heer birthday as her birthday is in Dec and I hear Scotland is cold then—maybe in the summer time!!

and another wild dream is a Armet—My maiden name COUSINS REUNION!!!

That’s enough to make 2011 a super good year!!!!!!!!!!!!! SmileSAM_3411



New Years Eve was a bit different this year because instead of big celebrations my sweetie and I were cuddled up on different couches sniffling, coughing, sneezing throughout the night. we did manage to toast to each other and air kissed and hugged each other. I heard once that whatever you do on New Years Eve and on your birthday paves the way of the entire year!!! Ok so I could read into it this way—my sweetie and I are gonna be sick all year??? Or My sweetie and I are gonna be snuggled on our sofa watching movies all year??? I vote for the last least this means we will be together, comfy and cozy all year. Now for New Years goals—I have always made New Years Goals but last year and the beginning of this year has been a teeny bit STRESSFUL!!! sO, I havent had a chance to sit down and contemplate what it was I really wanted to accomplish this year. I finally got a bit of time to think, I put on ,my thinking cap and just did a bit of thinking… here is what I came up with—11 goals and 11 experiences I want to do this year--- hold on—yep its long—but you just might see yourself in here!!!

1. Yep the typical LOSE WEIGHT that is on everyones list—but really I am not going to concentrate on the weight—I want to live healthier—find an activity I love, eat healthy foods every day and NO FAST FOOD!!!! I will say “NO” more often this  year when something I shouldn’t eat is before me—I said more often  not all the time!!!

2. organize and decorate my house—each week I will get or do one thing to either decorate or organize my house!!

3. keep my car clean—I have no idea when this became a problem but I really really need to work on this!!

4. NO MORE NEGATIVE SELF TALK—I cant tell you how many times in a day I say negative things to myself—“gee you are so stupid” that is my favorite—gotta cut it out!!!

5. write and MAIL thank you notes, birthday cards, get well cards, thinking of you cards, wow you are terrific cards!! I am really good at writing them and then somehow they end up in a drawer somewhere to be found later and not sent. Ok so this year I WILL send them however, don’t be surprised if your card is a tad bit late—I said I would MAIL them—I didn’t say when—hehe!!

6.DO ONE charity, service etc a month—I love to do 5k walks so I hope this year to do at least 6 of them this year. For Jan I am just donating bags of clothes, and anything else I can find to those that need it!

7. Date night once a month with my husband—also called sweetie,baby etc.. AND 4 weekend getaways!!!

8. church—all meetings twice a month—now that means that if I didn’t  make to ALL the meetings that I might end up going each week—hehe—but really my goal is TWICE A MONTH!!

9. CALL PEOPLE ON THE PHONE!! I have no idea where my dislike for calling people on the phone came from but its been brought to my attention that I just don’t call people. I guess subconciously I am thinking you ca e mail, facebook or text—its easier—I don’t have to worry about bugging anyone, and I can say what I want. But its not always the best way.

10. SPEND one on one time with my girls once a month—ok it might not work out to spend one on one time with each girl each month—But it’s a GOAL!!! and I LOVE my girls!!

11.Go to breakfast, lunch or dinner with girlfriends once a month… I just love all my girlfriends, but with busy lives we can always connect—hopefully with this goal I can see some of my favorite people some of the time!!


After months of being away from my blog I feel I am finally in a place in my life to start blogging again. Christmas 2010 was wonderful…look for the pictures… I have been so incredibly blessed to be able to finally have one of my dreams come true—a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! In a cabin in the smokey mountains!!! It was just me,TJ and Nicky…we were snug as bugs in a rug with a fire in the fireplace,relaxing and then playing in the snow—at one point we felt like we were in our own little snow globe! Summer and Joey couldn’t come as the poor little things had to suffer with their own adventure in HAWAII!!! Smile